Sunday, 24 August 2014

An afternoon by the Seaside.

With an upcoming trip to Kent on the horizon, it was decided some acclimatisation to the rarefied air of the South was sought. So, after a bit of deliberating, we set off to Grimsby Town railway station to start our southern fact-finding expedition. On the way, we popped in The Parity. Another pint of Springhead's "Leveller" was sampled along with half of Tom Woods "Lincoln Gold", a 4% pale bitter. Again, this busy, sports orientated boozer came up trumps and both drinks were eagerly enjoyed.Glasses emptied, off we went to the station. Tickets in hand. Destination?? Cleethorpes! Ok, I know it ain't that far south but it is a heady 3 miles further south than Grimsby town centre, and only £2-30 return each on the choo choo. T'other 'arf was at work the following day,so this was to be a small session.We started off in The Coliseum Picture House. I opted for the award winning "Pale Rider" from Kelham Island, whilst my lovely assistant went for Adnams' "Broadside". The place was heaving mostly due to it being Bank Holiday weekend. Our beers were eventually drawn, and a perch found.It is strange how these places, with no juke boxes or loud television sets blaring out, generate such noise.The art of conversation may not be dead..........even if people are just talking about the latest app or that text/facebook message from someone or other!
Within 30 minutes of our arrival,most of the beers on the bar had changed.T'other 'arf stayed with "Broadside" while I chose Tom Woods "Melton Mild". This, I was told  "wasn't on yet" "Lincoln Gold? " I enquired. "No, not yet" I therefore ended up with TW's 3.8% "Best Bitter" I can assure you this wasn't "on" yet either. Slightly clouded,a speedily dying head and no freshness to the taste.Not being bothered to queue up again, I forced about half of my pint down and we left. These seaside drinking establishments  MUST watch their beer quality because the winter months only bring locals out to play and we are very discerning.Our next port of call was "The Nottingham" in Sea View Street. Local CAMRA pub of the year 2014, this is an absolute gem of a pub.Very busy on Saturday nights, we squeezed inside and ordered our drinks
"Probably the best porter I have tasted!"
.We both had a dark vanilla porter by Box Steam Brewery called "Funnel Blower" A new one for me, this 4.5% brew was, probably, the best pint of porter I have tasted in quite a while. I was very surprised my half pinter enjoyed it too,as she isn't a lover of this beer style. The taste and aroma were full but not overpowering, and there was a creaminess to the long finish.We would have stayed longer but,alas, the train beckoned.Grabbing some excellent chips on the way, we set off back to the station for the 19-26 back to GY.With 25 minutes to spare,we popped into the No 2 Refreshment Room (or Under The Clock as it is also called.) Another regular in the Good Beer Guide and previous POTY, this tighly spaced little boozer always has a good selection of ales on.York Brewery's 3.6% Golden ale "Guzzler" was the half pint of choice, and I arrowed in on another Golden ale, Phoenix Brewery's "Sticky Wicket" at 4.7%. My pint had a faint fruitiness to it.whuch, I admit, was not unpleasant. Quite the opposite in fact.The "Guzzler" was clean tasting and very refreshing. Finishing our drinks, we trotted the 30 yards or so to our waiting train, and 10 minutes later, we were "Back up t'North" in The Yarborough.Our "ones for the road" were the 5% "Stormstay" from Hanlon's, a good flavoursome Premium Ale,which tasted rather like an American IPA styled beer to me, and "Vengeance". This brew was from the Nelson Brewery in Kent.A 4.8% Premium bitter,this had a subtle sweetness to it. With a trip to Kent upcoming, a Southern expedition to Cleethorpes (3 miles away!) completed, how very apt to finish with a Kentish Ale.
Cheers and keep it "Real"

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