Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Back to Life. Back to Reality

It's Friday, I'm Knackered, and we are home.

After a nightmare drive home from Norfolk, a drive of about 3 hours normally but because of those lovely ongoing roadworks at King's Lynn,2 toilet stops and a drop-off in the sticks, we took over 4 and a half hours to reach home.First job? Crack one of my bottles of Home Brew open. Unfortunately,in our absence, the warm weather had had a slight effect on my "Wilko Pilsner Lager". After cleaning up the puddle, removing the glass shards imbedded in the outside of the fridge and opening a couple of bottles outside, I managed a 1/2 pint of this amber dynamite.Sod it. Bath (much missed whilst away).Dressed.Pub.
We were out by 6-30pm and approaching the Parity.We opted for Oldershaw's "Barkston's Bitter" for our refreshment. A smooth tasting bitter,and ,at 3.6%, a good session beer. Although "Caskade" ,from the same brewery, was also on tap, we stayed with our original choice. Try the window seats in this pub if possible on "going out" nights. The sights can be quite , erm, how shall I put it,surprising? Funny?Scary? Diplomatically, I would suggest the word interesting. Hens,Stags, those young and not so young.Those who should know better,those that obviously don't. A good snapshot of most Towns at a weekend.I'm sure I didn't go out like that ............Aaah, besides that time......nevermind. A couple of tipples later and we were on our weary way across to The Yarborough Hotel. A bit quieter than most Friday nights in here but still a few "interesting" people coming and going. As always, a good selection on the bar. I started with "King of the Rocket Men" from Kelham Island's brewery. A Pale Ale of 4.5%, this was a refreshing drink with a good bitter-sweet aftertaste. Very nice.T'other arf chose Loddon "Bamboozle" 4.8% Another Pale Ale,this one was a lot crisper in the finish. Both were enjoyed immensely.After these we went for Mallets "Kalamazoo"  an American style IPA which was typically aromatic, as this style always is, with a surprisingly dry finish and, I think, around 5%, and Grafton's "Lady Mary. This Golden Ale also came in at 5% an had a very fruity aroma to go with the bittersweet finish.We finished off with two more of the same before we went to "The County" to see a local covers group called Loose Ends. If you like 70's/80's rock anthems, like I do, these are a band to catch. Usually The County offers 3 or 4 good real ales. Tonight, unfortunately, none. We were told that they had got problems with it at the moment. I do hope that whatever that is,it will soon be rectified.It was past Mid-night by the time we left, so healthy food was in need. We chose the Salad, with side helping of kebab, chips and sauces!!! Oh the bliss of crap food after a night out is so wrong. 

It's so shiny and new!!!

On Saturday, we had arranged to meet our friends, aka Butler and Olive, at JDW's new pub in Cleethorpes. Going by the name "The Coliseum Picture House", this High Street pub has been very tastefully refurbished. With 3 levels, one a No Smoking Roof Garden, there is plenty of room in this pleasant boozer. The staff, mostly new starters, were a little slow at times but always apologetic and polite.It'll come. Now, the beers we chose as a group were all from the Newby Wyke Brewery. I have simplified my tasting to name,style and strength. All were excellent and I would encourage anybody to try these beers when available.
Marie Celeste (Golden Ale) 4.6%
Kingston Topaz Gold  (Golden Ale) 4.2%
Black Beerd (Stoat) 4.6%
HMS Shannon (Pale Ale) 5.2%
HMS Resolution  (Golden Ale ) 4.2%
RMS Olympic (Pale Ale) 4.8%
We also sampled Adnams Broadside,whilst Butler quaffed a couple of  Tuborgs' (apparently it was good) and Olive enjoyed her bottle of wine. (Bargain. Only £7-50 and very nice too) Then, it was all over. Back to our friends for a spot of food and a few bottles of beer. Lovely. It was just before 10-30pm I first got kicked under the table.A gentle nudge to suggest I should wake up. Almost awake we left, arriving home about 11-30.

 A long,long week of early mornings and late nights on the Norfolk Broads,followed by 2 nights out had done us both in. Lay in tomorrow........................At 5am the phone screamed at us. "Oh OK Alright don't worry. Of course we will. Yes,yes ok see you soon" It was T'other arf's daughter.She was just about to go in to Hospital. Grandchild No 4 was on it's way.We would be babysitting this bright and beautiful day. Hangover or not. Well, who needs recovery at our age, and it only lasted one more very noisy, sleepless night. 30 odd hours later we were presented with a beautiful healthy Grandson. I wonder when his educational forays into Ales will start?
Cheers and keep it "Real"

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