Monday, 18 August 2014

Summertime Blues

After the truly awful weather that August has thrown at us, and beginning to suffer from "cabin fever" having been either at work or stuck at home, looking out on the effects of Hurricane Bertha, we decided to see if the world was still revolving around Grimsby's wonderful night scene.......even if it was a Sunday!!The first disappointment was the fact that, although still Summertime, my shorts were to be ignored and jeans worn. God, I really do not like the days of change from shorts to jeans. It makes one realise that Autumn is not too far away.I shall try to brave it out for a few more weeks though.
The Hope and Anchor
First stop was The Parity.This being week 1 of the Premier League, the remnants of the live match were still present in various states of sobriety. This never seems to be a problem in here, and within 30 minutes of the end of the game,the place was quite empty. We decided on "The Leveller" at 4.8% and a half of "Robin Hood" bitter(4%) for the lady. Both were from the Nottingham brewers "Springhead" and both enjoyed immensely.The Leveller is a smooth,dark brew and, when served right, an excellent year round ale.After finishing our drinks,we headed over to JDW's The Ice Barque, at the Riverhead. There was a very disappointing selection of ales when we arrived and I opted for Sharp's "Doom Bar" at 4%. Unfortunately it was in poor condition and had to be replaced for a pint of Marston's "Pedigree" which also was not it's usual condition.It fell flat quickly and lacked taste.The half of Abbot didn't seem to have much life either. I gave up,leaving a good measure in the glass we decided to give this establishment a wide berth for a while.Now to a pub we haven't visited for ages. The Hope and Anchor in Victoria Street. A single roomed pub,just off the main shopping area,this used to be a busy little boozer,but,as managers came and went,clientele changed and it began to lack an identity.It used to have a quiet little snug years ago.I once enjoyed a couple of pints in this little room,late one evening. As people bade their farewells, I just chilled out.Now all alone in the bar, I was suddenly thrown into darkness as the staff, assuming everyone had left, turned off the lights and readied the pub for closing.I not sure who was the more surprised, me from the indignity of finding myself in the darkness or the barmaid who suddenly became aware that something was stirring in the gloom!!Back to the present. Although only a few people in, one ,Big Gaz,has always found time to "have a yarn" with us and we enjoyed our visit back here.The only ale on was Well's "Bombardier". Another beer that when served well is a bloody good pint.This was a bloody good un. Next stop was The Yarborough.Here we had Robinson's "Trooper". A beer developed with Bruce Dickinson, of Iron Maiden fame and a real ale enthusiast, amongst other things.A good Premium bitter with quite a citrus subtleness to the finish.Very nice.T'other Arf went for Adnams' "Broadside",another favourite of ours.We finished off the evening with a pint of " SA Gold" from Brains' brewery and 1/2 of "Summer Valley" from the Caledonian stable. Both Golden ales,both over 4% and both very enjoyable. Next was to face the cool,unseasonal breeze on our stagger home, and to allow our thoughts to drift away to a warmer place, where shorts are most definitely required.
Cheers and keep it "real"

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