Monday, 9 June 2014

A couple of evenings out in Town

With the temperature rising and naff all on the goggle-box, me and she have had a couple of late afternoons in the pub this last week. Nothing special,just a break from work, the allotment and four walls. We visited our usual haunts, predominantly JDW's but also The Parity too. The beers we have quaffed were mostly in good condition. We thought probably the best was "Wheat Street" from the American brewers "Sixpoint". At 5% this tangy wheat beer was firing on all cylinders and is well worth sourcing. It has been exclusively brewed, in conjunction with Adnams, for "Wetherspoon's".
We also tasted "Leeds Brewery Midnight Bell" a premium Dark Mild at 4.8%, "Gunpowder Mild" a smooth offering from The Coach House Brewing Co at 3.8%, and "Rudgate's Ruby Mild" a 4.4% offering from this excellent York brewery.
Grafters of Willingham on Stow's Half Moon pub,near Gainsborough have certainly made inroads into Grimsby and their beers are extremely good. They had "Luvvlie Jubblies" on offer,a golden brew at 4.2% and the stronger and equally moreish "Wobble Gob" at 4.9%. Rudgate's also offered us "Hop and Glory", a Pale ale which would be a good session beer, weighing in at 3.8% ,with Oldershaw's "Blonde Volupta" giving a little oomph to the proceedings with a deceptive 5%.Also seen in Town in the last couple of weeks by this Grantham brewer were the popular "Mowbray's Mash" a satisfying 3.7% Golden ale, and the heavier,but easy drinking 4.7% "Great Expectations".
With the goings-on and one hopes, celebrations happening later this week in Brazil, I don't think we will be venturing too far for a while, but I have started to think about some of the places I have visited over the years, and may get round to collating my experiences "On The Road". Who knows, some of these haunts from the past may still be open!!!!!
Cheers and keep it "real".

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