Saturday, 14 June 2014

Come on England.....We expect some flavoursome brews

Over the years, I have travelled all over the country watching the Mighty Mariners (Grimsby Town to the uninitiated) Being a football fan, although not as active as I once was, I always look forward to the major international competitions. Although never traveling abroad for any of theses cup, I did manage to get tickets to the Euro 96 games held here. 10 games in all including the final. Marvellous.
As I had the day off yesterday, I decided to take a walk into town and take in the Mexico v Cameroon game, before watching the later games at home. It is usual for most pubs to guest theme related ales for these events, but The Parity were serving 2 ales, not football related but still new and untried by my goodself. I started with "Village Idiot" from the White Horse Brewery in Oxfordshire. I found that it was a little bland for a 4.1%  Golden Ale.The flavours seemed to last a very short time on the pallette. Besides this it wasn't awfull by any means, just plain.Next on the agenda was "William Roscoe" from a new brewer for me, Liverpool Organic. Branded as a floral bitter, it was a very rounded taste and very refreshing and quite light for a 4.3% ale. After the game, a 1-0 win in the pouring rain of Natal for the Mexicans, I popped over to JDW,s Yarborough Hotel. There I opted for a pint of Wychwoods world cup offering."Full Brazillian" A 4.4% Golden Ale which went down very well and was very dry on the finish after the opening hoppiness. Lovely. This was followed by Caledonian "Road to Rio" ( via Scotland???) Another Golden ale but with a vastly different taste. More "wheaty" in flavour I thought but still an excellent brew. After this, the South American theme petered out & I had to be content with "Danish Dynamite" from the Stonehenge Brewery.A Golden Ale of 5% which is very refreshing and extremely drinkable.
Well, time came and went and now we are waiting for the 3 Lions to roar.Good luck to the boys tonight.Let's hope by the 13th of July, we are sampling a celebratory brew or two/three/four....and not eating more humble pie.
Cheers and keep it "real"

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