Monday, 30 June 2014


I had a brainwave. I would pop out and get a couple of bits for our forthcoming holiday on the Broads. No drinking. I have 40 pints of home brewed bitter and 40 pints of HB stout at home. Well, it was quite warm, and it was my day off so maybe a small one wouldn't do any harm!
I nipped in to the Yarborough Hotel, quite busy for a Monday, and a good selection on.I opted for "Bloddwyn's 1065" a strong beer and weighing in at 5.6%, not a session beer. It tasted good but you could taste its strength. Although enjoyable, I wouldn't rush for a second. After T'other 'arf was released from her labours, we enjoyed a pint of Marstons "Fever Pitch" and a half of Harvistouns "Schiehallion", a real lager.Both were very enjoyable and well worth it.
In this limited session I opted for a "Ubu Purity " an Amber ale at 4.5%. Very nice and very moreish.We had 2!. Well promises made, we will next be drinking in Norfolk. Unless..........................................
Cheers and keep it Real.

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