Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How much is too much ££££???

Me and t'other 'arf were off this Bank Holiday. A rarety indeed. After a day down the allotment on Sunday, I could feel a thirst coming. Now, with a holiday on the horizon and funds already looking a tad iffy, we decided to have a wee snorter before we went out. Home brewed Rhubarb wine. Potent. A couple of glasses of rocket fuel & then nip up to "The Wheatsheaf", an Ember Inns establishment, because a) it was Bank Holiday and the clientele are not usually too boisterous and b) the surroundings are a little more welcoming than some of the other haunts we frequent. We decided on sitting outside on such a lovely evening and went to choose our favoured brews. I decided on the "Gadds Dr Sunshine" a wheat beer from Kent at a sunny 4.2% whilst t'other arf decided on an "Aspalls Suffolk Cider" Then came the shock. £5-29 !!!Wow. Now I don't mind paying a decent price for a decent drop when I am on my travels, but this is Grimsby.That said the Gadds was a lovely pint, and having tasted a few of their beers in Kent and firmly a fan, it certainly traveled well. The cider,apparently, was cidery. Not to be too disheartened by the lighter feeling of my wallet, We followed this round up with "Gales Spring Sprinter" a 4% pale ale which, to me was a little tasteless but still in good condition and another "Aspells". We would pop in to the "Sheaf"  more regular if the prices were a tad lower, but, alas, being part of a chain, price controls are obviously not part of the manager's brief.
With the evening still being young, we decided to have a stroll into town and,after by-passing "The County", which seemed to have a childrens' party going on, we settled in "The Yarborough" I had 3 different brews in here, "Hambleton's Nightmare at 5%, "Exe Valley Darkest Devon Mild, 3.9% and "Arundel's Wild Heaven" at 5.2. After 2 more halves of apple juice T'other arf ended on a "Woodforde's Wherry" All served very well and at £2 cheaper per round, most welcome.
Well on early shifts this week so I shall be keeping it very real for the next few days.

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