Sunday, 5 October 2014

Summer days drifting away To, uh oh, those summer nights

As we slide into the dark, damp and soulless abyss of Autumn's leafless trees, and the certainty that, however warm the days are, the evenings will persuade you to the contrary, I have found it necessary to wear short sleeves over denim jeans as a matter of course. My arms my not tan in the "Indian Summer" sunshine , but one's knees won't knock in the cooling temperatures of dusk either. With this gradual weather change, our outings have become, well somewhat, sparse.My first week back at work were enjoyed by easing into a bottle or two of my remaining homebrew, topped with the odd glass of Lidl's vino. Catch-up TV was caught up with and, to be honest, I did have quite a boring and sanity filled week. We did venture out after an early afternoon swimming, or rather resembling dumplings in a very thin stew, at Scartho Baths. All that exercise meant a replenishment of strength juice of sorts somewhere along the line!! We decided to pop to The Yarborough for a quick tea-time tipple, before settling down at home for the usual pee-poor Late Summer/Early Autumn televisual offerings and repeats.
We started this mini session with a pint of Rooster's "Yankee", a Pale Ale of 4.3% and a worthy starter. Dry, crisp and a bitter aftertaste defy you not to like this beer, and We certainly enjoyed it.
This was swiftly followed by the curiously strong "Mermaid Red Ale" from the US Coronado
brewery, in conjunction with Wadworth's. A 5.7% Amber Ale, this beer displayed a very malty taste which was complimented by a fruitiness with a caramel kick, finishing with a hint of hops. I would have liked another to help decide if I liked it or was just intrigued by it's complexity but, as work beckoned the following day for both of us, a re-test would have to wait. T'other 'arf's opinion? "S'alright". Thank you to the Beertasters' female equivalent of Simon Cowell's judgemental utterances. With the wonderful early evening sun giving way, well, yielding easily, to the dampening spectre of Autumnal drizzle, we vacated our cosiness and made our way to The Parity. This being a Wednesday, it was very quite in here, in fact dead. I do feel for these pubs who try to offer what the public wants (food, football, music and real ale along with friendly bar staff in a trouble free environment covers most of what people I know crave for in a pub) only to be found empty at certain times. The pressures of Government taxing and beer levies certainly doesn't help OUR Locals either, and I sense more and more pubs, clubs and drinking establishments falling by the wayside unless changes are made, demanded by us, Joe Public. Rant over.We just had one each in
here, the fantastically tasty Oldershaw's "Old Boy" and a half of Tom Woods' "Harvest Bitter"  My beer was a 4.8% Premium Ale, with a lovely maltiness and a quite nutty aroma. The "Harvest Bitter" was smooth and flavoursome, with a piquant of florality to this 4.3% staple of TW's seasonal brewing programme.Drinks finished, and drizzle descending, we made our soggy way home. " Is this drizzle or Indian Showers?" I offered on the walk home. "What's Indian Showers?" came the reply. " Apache (A-patchy??!!) Rain" was the response. Tee Hee.

Saturday 28th September

A long planned, altered, re-planned and finally executed afternoon out with Dave from work was to occur today. We had both been on the early shift and arranged to meet in The Parity at 2pm. After arriving home to T'other 'arf and our Granddaughter, Grace, I reclined in my hot relaxing bath, feeling almost cocooned in its soothing salts and bubbles, in the certain knowledge that Dave would be lugging buckets of water up and down stairs as his boiler was on the blink. Almost a Hamlet moment.Suitably attired and clod, I was away to town, and before long, nestled outside in the warm, but noticeably weaker sun.I had chosen "The Rev James" one of Brains' brews, which I have reviewed before and a fizzy apple juice called Strongbow for the immanent arrival of Dave. My beer was as it should be, dark, smooth and full of flavour. As it was the Merseyside Derby, and with N.E.Lincs filled with so many Premier supporters (and it is a shame I am not talking about the "other" Premier.....yes, the Vanarama Conference Premier) the pub was quite full, so an outside perch was most welcome. On Dave's arrival, we supped up and decided to move on to The Yarborough. It was
fairly busy with shoppers in here, but far from full as we sidled up to the bar. Dave's eyes lit up with the 7.4% "Old Rosie" cider, whilst I gladly accepted a pint of Jenning's "Blazing Saddles", a 4% Golden Ale from this popular Cumbrian brewery. A lovely citrus taste accompanies the bitterness of this brew with a slight sweetness to help balance it.Dave stayed with his cider, whilst I let my hair down to Wychwood's Status Quo backed "Piledriver".4.3% and a very malty tasting Amber Ale. Not a head banging brew, but nonetheless, quite satisfying. After this I chose, and stayed on Springhead's "Roaring Meg" This beer has a honey sweetness to it, accompanying a bitter, citrus taste that makes it so refreshing. 5.5% and one of the best Golden Ales around. As the afternoon turned to early evening, we were joined by T'other 'arf and after Dave's unique brand of humour had now started to surface, insult and immediately found the nearest gutter, we decided that food was to be sought and homes headed for.
(Now, I have heard this saying many times. " soon as the air hit me.." I can assure you all that the air does hit you most of the time. It is what air does. It moves whether it is on the gossamer breath of the lightest summer breeze or in the cold icy blasts of a winter storm.When the air hits you, it doesn't make you leglessly drunk. YOU did that bit.) After several 7.4% ciders, on leaving the sanctuary of the "airless" hostelry of choice, it was alledged that some stray bit of air chased relentlessly after Dave, cornering him near the taxi rank, and unceremoniously assaulting the poor man.He did not stand a chance. Even the kebabs we purchased failed to protect him from the criminality of the air.Alledgedly. We walked and lurched our way to the subway, thinking this would be were our ways parted and, with Dave leading the way T'other 'arf mentioned we may have to see him home. "Nah, he's alright" said I. We then watched as Dave negotiated the gradual slope like Bambi on ice mixed with a touch of a penguin in a head wind. "Yeah, we better see he gets home ok" I declared.We were soon in view of Dave's abode and we were duly invited in very insistantly for a drink.We agreed and were soon served with a glass of wine. An apology to Jackie, Dave's wife. Sorry we spoiled the X factor and the peace.We drank up, realised our host was almost asleep and bade farewell. Those early starts do get you in the end.
Cheers and keep it "Real"

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  1. Roaring Meg is an excellent choice. Sounds like a good night was had by all!