Friday, 10 October 2014

Food Glorious Food.

Monday 29th September

An afternoon of gentle allotmenteering had been the order of the day. T'other 'arf had thrown herself into clearing away the spent Dwarf French Beans and intertwined weeds whilst the Alpha male, me, chopped and hacked at the raspberry canes, brambles, gooseberry bushes and anything else that would leave me looking like I had a pet tiger with a grudge! What a late summer's day we were experiencing. Temperatures in the high teens and mossies certainly enjoying the warmth and, unfortunately my uncovered legs and arms. Bloodied, bitten and bruised (not to mention the aches and pains in my back and joints) I called a halt to all this enjoyment. Now to manipulate one's hard working, but unscathed and wound-less partner into a trip to the pub. “Oh, Jane, my petal” “What?” “Have you thought about what we are having for Dinner tonight?” “No, not really. What are you thinking of cooking me?” Well.........Do you fancy going to...” “Oh God. I thought you would never ask!!” Sometimes I need not bother with the soft soap approach and just put my foot down with a firm hand (or just do as I'm told if all else fails)
I was on a training course at work the following day, the preparation of winter procedures are clearly on the horizon, so we agreed that we would  only be out for a couple of hours. We decided on having a look at Millfields Hotel in Bargate. We had visited here before a good while ago and, since then, the place had been spruced up and the bar re-branded as Bar 53. On entering, the beer selection was either “Black Sheep Bitter” or Timothy Taylor's “Landlord”, we chose the latter. The barman poured our drinks, and just like Mr Ben's shop-owning friend (the children's TV cartoon character who lives at 57 Festive Road, not the former Labour MP and renouncer of his peerage), disappeared, as if by magic. We decided to sit outside and watch the world scurry by, on their way home from the day's toils. Unfortunately our beer was not at its best, I would suggest it had not settled yet or was the bottom of the barrel and lacked clarity and the crispness associated with this prize winning brew. With disappearing staff, barely drinkable beer and an appetite cheaper than the menu here, we left. Another visit is on the cards to evaluate if we just came on an off day. The Wheatsheaf was next for a swift drink. Just down the road, we were soon at the bar and we were drawn to Adnams' 4.5% Blonde Ale, “Ghost Ship”. We have had this before in its own back yard, Southwold, and I can confirm that it certainly does travel well. The maltiness gives way to an almost pithy citrus finish and I love the fruity aroma that lingers to the end. Next stop was to be to Grimsby's oldest pub, The White Hart. Situated opposite Grimsby Minster (Yes, Minster) the building dates back to the 1750's, which is almost stone-age to this area of historical cleansing, and is now more noted for its first class meals than the bar. It was an O'Neill's pub a few years ago, but is now in private ownership and a Freehouse. They do always carry at least 2 real ales though, Black Sheep and a guest. We chose the guest, Sharp's “Doom Bar”.
The White Hart in Bethlehem St.
No introduction needed here. This beer seems to be everywhere at the moment. I did find the almost caramel taste quite short lived as was the light hopped finish,but, as we were having a meal with it (or it with food!) it made a good accompaniment. The food? Well, as I normally do, I chose the Grimsby Haddock, chips and peas (mushy, of course) whilst T'other 'arf chose the Goulash, with Bread Dumplings from the specials board. Both meals were fabulously tasty, fresh and served by extremely friendly staff. For good food and drink, this is a must visit. Our meals, and two drinks each for less than £25. Bargain. The warmth of summer had now turned to the damp of Autumn, so, we started our squelch home, looking forward to our next little session.
Cheers and keep it “Real”

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